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Our lease is scheduled to end during 2022, therefore we are asking for your kind support to enable us to continue our work here at Cooper Park Tennis. We are a proudly independent Tennis Club and we care about our customers, the club and not least Cooper Park itself. With the fantastic support of our staff we strive to provide the best service for everyone who visits our club and the park itself. To do this we have constantly made improvements all of which is done with the environment at the forefront. Cooper Park is a very special place and its our intention to keep it that way.

If you could please fill in the form below and register your desire to: Help us to, Help Cooper Park.

I woud like to support the current management of Cooper Park Tennis to continue in operating and managing this facility on behalf of the Woollahra community.

NB: your details will not be shared with any third parties companies and will only be used to show the Council the support we have from you… our valued customers.

Dieter Wilhelmi and Sarah Morante

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