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Over the past 16 years our goal has been to provide you with not only a first class tennis centre but a community facility that feels more like a club. With a strong focus on community engagement and service, we bring to Cooper Park a facility that is second to none. We have undertaken major upgrades to the centre over the past few years and are constantly working on making this facility a recreational social hub that can be enjoyed by all.

Centenary Celebration

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who attended the Centenary Celebration on Sunday October 29th. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many new and old friends, supporters, active tennis players from our community and beyond. All of whom are associated with Cooper Park Tennis. It was a special day.

Club House

We have undertaken major renovations to the original kiosk. We now have a warm friendly and inviting café facilitythat caters for all-comers to the park.


We have upgraded the original lighting system twice over the past 14 years. These lights are ecofriendly and are to ATP/WTA tour competition standard as they provide greater uniformity luminance which leads to much greater athletic performace.

Lighting System - Original
Lighting System - Original
Lighting System 2007 - Upgrade
Lighting System 2007 - Upgrade
LED Lighting System - Current
LED Lighting System - Current

Tennis Sheds

Our tennis sheds have been upgraded over the years and are now colour matched to our club house facility.

Our lease term has ended and we are currently managing the courts on a monthly basis for Woollahra Council. We have been informed that a decision will be made in August 2023 in regard to any new operator being appointed.

If you like a local and community focussed organisation to continue with the management of this tennis centre please support us. 

You can follow this link to our supporter page. This information will only be used in our tender submission to demonstrate community support.

Dieter Wilhelmi and Sarah Morante

Cooper Park Supporters Page

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