The Environment

Cooper Park Tennis endeavours at all times to reduce the carbon footprint of our centre. This includes partnering with Game ON Recycling, introducing environmental friendly LED lighting, recycling refuse and reducing the consumption of plastics.

An estimated 10 million tennis balls are purchased in Australia each year. Unfortunately, at the end of their useful lives, all of them end up either in landfills or in our waterways, eventually working their way into the ocean. Game On Recycling has partnered with the Australian New Zealand Recycling Platform and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Our old tennis balls are now sent to a processing facility in West Melbourne to be sorted into:

  • Tennis balls that can be reused and put back into circulation, thereby extending the life of the product; or
  • Tennis balls that have well and truly come to the end of their life and need to be recycled

We are trying to score a points for planet earth by making available all re-use items to various community clubs, groups, institutions and organisations which will alleviate the costs of purchasing new equipment. Items destined for recycling will be granulated into 5mm pieces and used in a variety of manufacturing processes including the production of soft fall matting.

All recycling and downstream processing will be undertaken in Australia. Game On Recycling will also be conducting research to explore new uses for these materials (like a rubberised sporting surface).

Over the past 14 years we have undertaken two major upgrades of our lighting system. The first major upgrade was undertaken in 2007 where we upgraded the lighting to Australian competition standard.

The second upgrade was undertaken in 2016 and is the first ever introduction of eco-friendly LED lighting to Cooper Park and is to ATP/WTA approved standard The introduction of 32 Lamptech MAHA 400W Gigaterra LED lights which improved luminance of 90% over existing lighting. It provides for energy savings of over 60% and provides for improved athletic performance due to the improvement in uniformity lighting luminance. Additionally, it provides for an instant on/off function of the lighting system where the previous system requires 15 minutes to preheat before turning on.