Dieter Wilhelmi

Operations Manager

Dieter is a high performance coach and is a part owner of the Cooper Park Tennis Centre. He has over 45 years of coaching experience and holds a Masters in Exercise and Sports Science.

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Dr. Sarah Morante

Director of Coaching

Sarah is a Tennis Australia Club Professional coach and has been coaching tennis for over 20 years (obviously started when she was a toddler), with the past 13 spent at Cooper Park.

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Mark Norris

Mark has over 35years tennis coaching experience. He has worked with all levels ranging from beginners to players on the satellite tour. He is also a qualified personal trainer through Fitness Australia with 12 years…

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Rodger Waugh

Rodger brings to Cooper Park vast tennis and coaching experiences. He has been coaching at a variety of levels for over 50 years. His extensive playing experience has formed his coaching philosophy which centres around…

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Tomas Ojeda

Tomas Ojeda was introduced to tennis by his father at the age of 6, who noticed his son’s natural athletic talent. Tennis quickly become the passion of Tomas life and at the age of 16, he was already one of the top…

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